Translational Nephrology

Required Activities

For each module, after detailed instructions during the face-to face kick-off session, participants are required to complete a series of online, self-directed learning activities to be prepared for the face-to-face return session.

Get access to the "Online resources"!

Each participant should:

  1. Review the Online resources section: The online resources cover basic aspects of renal anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology.
  2. Take the self-assessments (quizzes): The assessments are designed to evaluate one’s own understanding of each module. They are available from the "Online resources" section.
  3. Study in depth the annotated article or clinical case attributed to your group (which is one out of three articles and/or cases): The articles and cases have been annotated with definitions, animations and other content in order to clarify key concepts. The articles and cases will provide critical background for completing the group assignments.
  4. Use the forums: The website provides a number of forums to encourage dialogue between participants (“peer teaching”) and interaction with tutors. Each clinical case (CBL) and annotated article (ABL) has its own forum that should be used to post specific questions related to the case or article.
  5. Study the two other articles and/or cases and prepare challenging questions.
  6. Complete group assignments: In this activity, each group (5-8 persons) will complete the tasks linked to their CBL or ABL and prepare the report they will have to be present during the face-to-face return session.